Affordable Towing – How to Safely Transport Your Trailer

“A-1 Affordable Towing and Salvage, a salvager and tow company, is a licensed and regulated towing company in Atlantic County, New Jersey. We offer a wide selection of specialty services for vehicle towing including vehicle jump-start, long-distance towing and pick-up, motorcycle towing. If you need your vehicle towed, let A-1 Affordable Towing and Salvage take care of it.”

Salvage yards in the area will also accept cars. Make sure that you call ahead before going there to ensure that they have a good title and insurance. When you arrive at the location, you must go to the front and look through the bushes in the backyard. Most vehicles that are towed will have a barbell or a sign on the back windshield to let you know that it is being towed away. When you see this, get in the back of the vehicle and be prepared for a pleasant surprise.

When you approach the vehicle, the tow operator may tell you to pull further or stop the vehicle. If you don’t understand any of their languages, just say “put out the trailer” and drive the trailer out in front of you. The tow company will open the door and begin to unhook the trailer from your vehicle. They will quickly take off with your trailer and lock the door behind you.

Once the towing company has your trailer in place, they will disconnect the battery so that you won’t have to worry about your cargo during the move. Then, the trailer is slowly brought to a stop near the truck. You can look out the back window as the truck slowly brings the trailer to a complete stop. There will be a sign on the back window letting you know that the truck has grabbed the trailer and is ready to haul it away. The truck driver will give you a signal as he opens the door of the trailer.

When the trailer is being lifted, it is important that you follow the towing company’s directions. Your trailer should not be lifted more than forty-five degrees off of the ground. If the trailer is lifted more than this, the vehicle will be damaged. The trailer is also strongly advised that you have someone with you at all times, in case of an accident or if the trailer goes over a bump in the road.

Once the trailer is being transported, it is important that you protect it from the weather. You can protect the trailer by using an approved trailer cover or simply wrapping it with a large blanket. This will keep the trailer from getting scratched up. You can also use a jack to safeguard the trailer so that it doesn’t blow over. Just make sure that the trailer is securely mounted before you leave it behind. An affordable towing company can provide you with many affordable towing services, but you need to make sure that you are working with one of a reputable company.

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