Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services in Saint Louis and Phoenix is becoming more popular with those that are looking to get rid of termites. This service can be done from the home. Services include the usage of baits, as well as fumigation. Both can be done easily and professionally on one’s own property without having to hire outside help.

If one’s home has been invaded by a colony of termites, they can use one of several pest control companies to do the job for them. The most common services offered include fumigation, bait, and tenting. One can also have their property treated professionally by hiring a company to apply pesticides.

The fumigation process is done by putting thousands of spores into the home or other structure through an air compression device. The homeowner sprays the area where they are having the termites treated. The device helps to release the spores into the air, where they are picked up by those visiting the area. The homeowners cannot be at the home while this is going on, but they can be home during the night. The chemicals that are used are non-toxic, but still cause temporary allergy symptoms in some people.

In order to protect the structure of the home, a protective tent is put up over the treated area. The tent is sealed so that no termites will be able to enter the house. The same goes for the bait containers that are placed throughout. These baits attract termites, which then crawl inside to start feeding. The pest control company will have a way of knowing how many termites are nesting in a particular area based on the number of bait containers that have been placed.

Pest control companies in Saint Louis and Phoenix also offer fumigation services. This service works to kill any fleas that are in the home with an effective chemical. This chemical is usually released through the fumigation machine. Pest control technicians use special tools to kill fleas before they get onto the pets or humans.

When getting a pest control firm to come to your home, make sure you take into account the services that they provide for termites. Also think about whether or not you want to hire an independent professional. Some pest control services offer only a fumigation service or only offer a do it yourself kit. Whichever method you choose, you will be pleased with the end result and the peace of mind you will feel.

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