Pros & Cons of Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay Per Call Advertising is a relatively new form of online advertising. Pay Per Call services offer advertisers an affordable way to advertise their products. In recent years Pay Per Call has become very popular as companies realize how effective it can be to advertise through this method. Pay Per Call services are also useful to small businesses who wish to advertise in a cost effective way.

The most common form of Pay Per Call Advertising is Pay Per Clicks. Pay per click is an advertisement model in which advertisers only pay the host if there is a visitor to their website after the advert has been clicked on. Pay Per Click services generally charge per click, per conversion or per lead. This is generally less expensive than some other marketing channels such as search engine advertising or networking advertising where you may have to pay both for the right to place your ad and for the right to have your ad show up. Some Pay Per Call marketing channels include social media marketing and internet marketing.

There are some additional advantages that come with Pay Per Call advertising. As an advertiser you will be able to track your prospective clients with ease, you will have access to detailed data about your clients, you will have the opportunity to contact your prospective clients and follow up with them or to contact other advertisers who may be interested in buying from you. The added benefit to companies is that they can keep track of the performance of Pay Per Call marketing and if they are not happy with the results they can decide to stop using the service. There is no need for them to pay again unless the advertisement proves successful.

Pay Per Call advertising is usually used by Pay Per Click publishers who have large budgets but limited means of delivering their content. Pay Per Call publishers are usually involved with selling their own products or affiliate products. They do not have the budget to pay expensive adverts for each keyword or for each individual keyword. Pay per call marketing allows the advertisers to focus on only those keywords or only those specific keywords that fit well with the theme of the website. This is in contrast to the inbound calls where the advertisers need to select their campaigns from a wide range of advertisers with different products and offers.

Pay Per Call advertising can generate substantial ROI if the quality of the leads generated is good. However there is also a downside to Pay Per Call advertising; it can result in poor quality leads and therefore it is necessary to choose the right channels. An example of the wrong channel could be on leads from affiliates who sell nothing except the affiliate product and not the actual product itself. This will result in wasted resources and will lower the ROI.

Pay Per Call is one of the easiest ways to use affiliate marketing as it allows the affiliates to select their campaigns and place their ads wherever they want. The only disadvantage is that most affiliates will not work on high converting sites like Google. So pay per call advertising has its advantages and disadvantages. Pay Per Call has excellent conversions when targeting the right traffic but also has a lot of potential to waste when choosing the wrong affiliates.

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